Friday, May 26, 2017

New mobile phones coming soon – Top 5 smartphones in 2017

New mobile phones coming soon - Top 5 smartphones for which you must wait for..... New mobile phones coming soon, Here is a list of...


Windows 11 update from Microsoft – Check this out

Windows 11 update is it true?? The answer is here Windows 11 update from Microsoft, as all are expecting now. But the question is when...

Android Nougat features – Top 10 Features of the latest release

Android Nougat features from google Android Nougat features which are creating very excitement to the android users and it is already rolling out now for different...





cool android apps

Cool android apps – Top 10 best and latest apps for android phones

Must have - 10 Cool android apps for android device For Free We already know that android is dominating market than ios. yes, Android is dominating mainly because of its open source nature. The...
App data backup

App data backup – Backup both your app and data

app data backup with fewer clicks - App data backup feature which literally means back applications and data. Most of the applications have the capability to backup the apk. But very fewer applications...
Reformat windows 10

Reformat windows 10 – Best way for both laptop and desktops

Reformat windows 10 Procedures: Reformat windows 10 which literally means formatting the disk or a disk partition to get rid of the corrupted data, Clean the disk drive. While reformatting all the data...