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Android Nougat features – Top 10 Features of the latest release


Android Nougat features from Google

Android Nougat features which are creating very exciting to the android users and it is already rolling out now for different devices. We already know that its Nexus devices welcome the latest release from Google. This time also we can expect that Android nougat features update will be less visible in terms of user experience. Because the last update from lollipop to marshmallow was not huge changes in the user experience. This is because Google wants to keep its OS as simple as possible with heavy performance optimizations.

Top 10 Android Nougat features:

  • Customizable Quick settings:Android Nougat features

Google introduced five new toggles that are present on notification shade. You can edit, replace, reorder the toggles. Make it best for your experience. The small arrow on right will get you quick settings page also you can access by doing two finger swipe down gesture from the top.

  • Notification made more creative:Android Nougat features

The New update has contributed a lot to the notification part. Notification is redesigned bundled and quick reliable. There are three views: Compact Lock screen view. Slightly more information notification shade view, and fully expanded view. You can individually access each view by swiping down the notifications. The quick action of nougat is the quick reply feature to the notifications.You can reply to the message directly in the notification without opening the actual app.

  • Quick Switching apps:

Google has made switching apps easier than before. Split screen and quick switch combined make a beautiful combination. You can switch to the second screen if you are working with one app so that you can use both the apps simultaneously.

  • Split Screen Mode:Android Nougat features

Google finally gave split-screen mode feature in its nougat update. Before this release different android developer made split screen mode available in their custom ROMS. But they were not efficient though due to incompatibility with the core of the Android system. But Google has given this feature officially. This support both in portrait and landscape mode.

  • Notification prioritization:

Android Nougat features are making people excited at the moment You can customize how much notification to display on the lock screen and notification settings. You can long press on notification area and get access to prioritization of each notification. So that most important notification can be seen first if notification is overloaded.

  • System UI tuner:Android Nougat features

You can customize the system User interface in this version of Android. You can enable this option by long pressing the gear on the top right, hold it for some seconds and it will rotate. The new setting is added in the settings menu. System UI contains many features like split-screen, toggles, gestures option.

  • New emoji’s, Multi-language support:

Nougat allows you to select primary language and secondary language.which is useful for bilingualAndroid Nougat features users and travelers. 72 new emoji are included in this master pack.These Android Nougat features also include various skin tones and wallpaper picker. This allows you to set an image as a home screen wallpaper and lock screen also.

  • Faster than its predecessors:

The new Nougat offers you great improvements in its performance. It’s made light smooth than its predecessors. Many bugs have been wiped out which was a major problem in naught.

  • DataSaver:

Data saver feature is most common in all ROMS it’s just restricting the data access by background running apps. You already know that android phones just consume the data like anything even when you won’t use your phone. and get annoyed because you don’t know that reason.This package comes with this feature to make you smile. and prevent wastage of data.Android Nougat features are just improving with the updates.

  • Update seamlessly:

This version of Android comes with seamless update feature which literally means the operating system gets updated continuously in the background. According to the sources, NEXUS devices will be the first to get seamless updates.Android Nougat features also update with the system update

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