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Cool android apps – Top 10 best and latest apps for android phones


Must have – 10 Cool android apps for android device For Free

We already know that android is dominating market than ios. yes, Android is dominating mainly because of its open source nature. The number of Cool android apps developed for android is large in number than ios. But ios has its own taste of security and user interface and brand. So many people choose iPhone over android. In America, I feel iPhone is dominating the market.Here is a list of some Cool android apps. All latest blogs can be found here tfortec.

List of Cool android apps for the android device is here:


  • Google Handwriting Input: DOWNLOAD                                                                                                Cool android apps

    Those who are fond of typing by handwriting then it’s a must app for you. This handwriting recognition app will just recognize your handwriting and convert into words. This is a great tool for those who don’t like typing in the android keyword. Googles sophisticated algorithm is efficiently working on recognizing the handwriting device will become a handwriting book for you.

  • ES File Explorer:             DOWNLOADCool android apps                                                                                           

    This a very good alternative for the googles stock file manager.Sad that googles stock file manager won’t come with features. Don’t worry this app will fill that gap.This is a Free, Safe and simple Manages all your files in an efficient manner. This app gives many additional features for rooted users like it will give permission for root file explorer it is very good if you are a programmer or a kind of hacker. This powerful tool I really recommend you. Cool android apps which make your life easier

  • Mindly :                             DOWNLOAD                                                                                   Cool android apps

    If you have some good plans and mind blowing ideas which blow away in minutes if you don’t record it then this is a must app for you. This acts as a recorder for your day to day activities and will remember your thoughts. You can keep reminders and lot of other features. Enjoy. Have some problems with your computer then VISIT HERE.It is best compatible with android device.

  • BrightStorm:                   DOWNLOAD Cool android apps                                                                                                                                

    If your kids are always with laptop or desktops and if you want them to study even in their tablets or any gadgets then this app will be must app for you. As this app contain a huge number of study lessons. and different grade educational video. Your Kids can learn more interactively. This Educational app contains more than 5000 video lectures. and 21 subjects including SAT and AP tests.Have a look at it.

  • HandPick:                         DOWNLOAD                                                                               

    This is one of the best in the list of Cool android apps. If you are a food enthusiast or food lover then this is for you. This app contains a lot of recipes for different types o dishes.This app has a huge database of dish recipes. It also has the most famous and trending recipes which are famous all over the world. If you are a cook then you must have this app on your smartphone.

  • Whatsapp:                         DOWNLOAD                                                                                                 Cool android apps

    This is a word famous chatting app. It’s widely used internet messenger in the world. This company was recently bought by tech giant facebook. This apps growing popularity is just amazing. It has got more than 1 billion downloads in google play store. This is a must app for free messaging. voice call and video call.If you want to know how to backup data so that you can save space then go here.

  • CamScanner:                    DOWNLOAD                                                                                  Cool android apps

    CamScanner is a very good portable document creator and keeper. I can say it is the best document wallet in the phone. This app actually takes a photo of a document and optimize the photo like a page of a high-quality book. And later we can convert this photo collection to a single Pdf format. This is a great tool for students to take a copy of written notes in their format. Its a must have app.This proudly adds to the list of Cool android apps.Best app for your android device.

  • UC browser:                      DOWNLOAD                                                                                   Cool android apps

    This is an app which is ideal for slow internet users. This app will load all your web pages with a good speed even if you have a slow internet connection.This app is very good at User Interface design part. A lite version is also available for the users who need faster even. This is must have browser for all android mobiles.You can go here if you have any issues related to computer

  • Greenify :                          DOWNLOAD                                                                         Cool android apps

    Most of the android devices main problems are the battery draining issue. This happens mainly because of background running apps.These apps are really eating your battery all the day without any productivity. It is identified as the battery for this list of Cool android apps. Greenify will hunt those apps and force close it so that it won’t allow any unnecessary app to consume battery.This is a must have app for you.It has some great features for rooted users too.

  • MX Player:                        DOWNLOAD  Cool android apps

    Most of the Video players built into the Android operating system has very low features. It can’t play videos of different formats.Their video players are confined to certain individual formats. Here comes against MX player, the best video player comes with a huge number of features packed with it.It uses your Hardware completely and capable of playing high-resolution videos.And has different codec add-ons which depend on different hardware architecture. This is the best app to have on your smartphone.


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