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Free download WhatsApp messenger for laptop or PC


Free download WhatsApp messenger for laptop or pc: Easy steps are here:

Whatsapp is being used by billions of people all around the world. It has replaced traditional way of text messaging to instant internet messaging. Whatsapp has grown from a small startup to a big billion dollars company. It was acquired by Facebook recently for 19 Billion Dollars. Facebook made its decision because Facebook users were decreasing rapidly as WhatsApp users increased.Here am going to share with you steps to Free download WhatsApp messenger for laptop or PC.

After the acquirement by Facebook, WhatsApp has not developed too much in its application development. Most people knew that WhatsApp can only be used in smartphones. Whatsapp can also be used in desktops and Laptops.

I am going to share with you the method through which you can use WhatsApp without downloading its software. Free download WhatsApp messenger for a laptop – steps are here.


  1. Go to google chrome or Mozilla or any other browser which you like. type WhatsApp web in
  2. Just Click here to go to WhatsApp web if you are already on the desktop.                                                     Free download WhatsApp messenger for laptop
  3. You will get to see a QR code on the website like this. You have to scan this code with your smartphone camera.
  4. Open WhatsApp in the smartphone and go to settings( Three verticle dots on the top right of WhatsApp).
  5. Select Whatsapp Web in settings. Now smartphone camera is going to open. You just have to hold the camera to WhatsApp code shown on the desktop. and select “+” on top right to open scanner.
  6. Once your mobile scan the code your desktop WhatsApp will get activated immediately. Make sure you have the internet in mobile as well as in desktop.
  7. Now you can do all the things in desktop except voice call and video call.                                                   
  8. Make sure that your mobile has an internet connection and WhatsApp running in it. You can’t access WhatsApp without your smartphone. If your smartphone internet goes or if you close the browser then you won’t be able to access the WhatsApp and you have to do the procedure again.

If you would like to know about using WhatsApp directly on the computer without the use of mobile. please comment below so that I can make a separate article and steps for it. This method to free download WhatsApp messenger for laptop.

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  1. مجله علمي سواران says

    Hey there ,thanks

  2. Ron says

    It shows up as a tab in the browser, so I bookmarked that and then used it to send a text message.
    The only annoying thing is that hitting Enter in the message box causes it to send the message instead of just changing lines.
    Thanks a lot for the instructions though!

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