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Fresh install windows 10 – an easiest way here for all non techies!!


Fresh install windows 10 – for non-techies

Fresh install windows 10 without any technical knowledge from here. Many computers get corrupted due to many factors like core windows file missing, Virus attack etc. But people find recovering very difficult. But now leave that thought of difficult, Here I am going to explain you completely on how to fresh install windows 10 from scratch. You don’t need any technical knowledge for this.

The entire installation is divided into three parts for an easy way understanding. You can skip any part if u have completed before.

STEPS: Fresh install windows 10

  1. That most basic thing is you need to download windows 10 ISO for free from Microsoft website.  A complete tutorial on this step is present here –DOWNLOAD        you can come back once you finished or you can go to next step once you have completed this step.
  2. You need to make a bootable USB of windows 10 from ISO File which you have downloaded. Please visit here and come back – CREATE BOOTABLE USB If you have already done this step you can go to the last step directly.
  3. The final step of Windows installation, Once you have Bootable USB of windows 10 You need to turn off completely the system on which you are installing. Insert the Bootable USB that you have created and turn on computer or laptop. Normally you will boot with Pendrive automatically if not CLICK HERE

Installing Procedure:

  1. When you boot with Pendrive you will see the below screen (See Pic). Click INSTALL NOW.                                                                              Fresh install windows 10
  2. Here you will be prompted to click on language, time, keyboard input and currency. Please select your preferred options and click NEXT.  Fresh install windows 10
  3. Next Screen will be INSERTING LICENCE KEY if you have one insert else SKIP.   Fresh install windows 10                                   
  4. Here you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions from Microsoft. Read if you have time else select and click NEXT.   Fresh install windows 10                                                                                                                 
  5. In this step, it asks for the installation type. click CUSTOM INSTALLATION METHODFresh install windows 10.
  6. Here You will be asked to Select the disk. If you see multiple disks (Partitions). Delete all the partitions by selecting the disk and click delete. Do this for all the disks. You will end up in a single UNALLOCATED disk. (See fig). Click NEXTFresh install windows 10.
  7. You have done your part..!! Wait for the computer to do its part. It will take around 20 minutes. (See Fig) Fresh install windows 10
  8. The computer will get restarted and you will see this screen. Select EXPRESS SETTINGS.                                                                        Fresh install windows 10
  9. Now it will ask for customization. Select the features or leave it as it is. Select NEXT.Fresh install windows 10
  10. Now the question is “Who Owns the PC?” Select and click NEXT.  Fresh install windows 10
  11. It’s going to ask for Microsoft account Enter your details if you have else Click SKIP                                 Fresh install windows 10
  12. Congratulations!!.You are done.You will end up in WINDOWS HOME SCREEN                                         Fresh install windows 10

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