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Google earth street view live – is that true?


Google Earth street view live, is that true?” is the question asked by google earth Fans all over the world. Here is the answer for all your doubts. As we all know Google maps or google earth comes with a street view and many features. But the street view concept is the most trending one now.

Google Earth street view live – misconception solved

There is a big misconception among people that Google street view is live. but it’s not true. Google shoots street view through Google’s car which we already know. Google car which is autonomous(which means it can drive by itself). This autonomous car drives on the road by itself and shoots the 360-degree video. This video is uploaded to google earth database with its location on google maps or earth.

google earth street view liveThe 360-degree street view which we see is actually shot many days or months before. So we see the recorded version, Not the live version. Google updates with a fresh view when its car drives through the same location again. It’s same as updating satellite maps.

There is nothing such as Google Earth street view live. Previously recorded street view which you are seeing now. Google street view availability is very less when we consider the whole map. Since Google car can’t drive in all the places. Google has provided street views to some of the most important cities and places like tourist earth street view live may be a futuristic concept.

The new version of Google Earth is very good at user interface and performance.Google is running several projects to make the best technology available to its users. Google recently launched Latest version of Google Earth with many improvements and features loaded.

Finally, the conclusion is that the Google Street view which you see is not live. Google’s autonomous cars record all these street views before.

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