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iOS 14 Release Date: Expectations, Rumours discussed – 2019


Still, iOS 13 beta testing going on, fans can’t wait to know the iOS 14 release date. It seems like Apple lovers are already making their wishlist of features they are expecting on iOS 14 release to the public.

Apple doesn’t pre-announce anything. When we gaze at the patterns with which Apple releases it’s operating systems, we can predict that iOS 14 release date is going to be somewhere around the end of 2020.

It is very obvious that Apple iOS 14 is not going to be anywhere around this year or first half of next year.

Apple has confirmed iOS 13 release date for the public. It is going to be on September 2019. Expect iOS 13 betas in dark mode for Apple iPhone X. Looking at the speed with which Apple is delivering features, we can say that iOS 14 is going to be packed with hell lot of features.

Expectations for iOS 14 release :

Expectations from Apple lovers are at the rooftop for the iOS 14 release. Sources said that Apple is intensively working on its chips to integrate AI into it. If that is in the near future, we can expect Siri and other AI functionalities much improved and intelligent. As you can see AI has become one of the basics for the smartphones in this era.

As we see Apples’s Siri rival Google Assistant is getting more and more intelligent every day. Apple is seriously working on the competition. Based on user interviews from Apple users, we found that they have a big bucket of expected features and improvements. Similarly, Windows Enthusiasts were searching for Windows 12 release date. Here are some of the expectations from Apple users handpicked from the mass for iOS 14 release date.

Better widgets with new home screen:

The home screen layout is getting outdated. People are asking for some design changes, which makes the home screen look better and more optimized for usage.

More intelligence to Siri :


There was a video which went viral on social media. Because the video was all about Siri v/s Google Assistant. But Siri couldn’t fight back in it. There are a lot of expectations on Siri’s intelligence. Check out that video here. Apple is working on AI very intensively, so we can expect a better version of Siri this time.

Improvements in FaceTime and Contacts App:

The expectation is to refactor FaceTime and Contacts app. Two Apps combined will give a better user experience. The trend is more aligned towards simple and more effective user experience.

Make cross-platform Apps :

Apple’s Apps to make cross-platform. This feature was much expected. Apple’s commercial business model, privacy and policies are preventing this feature to happen. People are expecting this feature to be released at least in iOS 14 release.

TV experiences to be much better :


More features like Live TV integrations and other good third party supports are expected in this build. As the current version has not very impressive.

CarKit Optimizations :

Apple’s CarKit with a lot of loaded features are expected like vehicle health status, traffic data. Expecting a clear and good user interface. Apple’s HomeKit is loaded with a lot of features. So the same is expected for CarKit too.

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