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Windows 12 release date – don’t expect very soon


Windows 12 release date – Here is the answer

Windows 12 release date is the question asked by many windows fans all over the world. All Microsoft fans will be very disappointed to know that the windows 12 will not be any soon. Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10 is the last version in Windows series. They are going to make that more stable with heavy updates.

Fans were expecting a fresh format with several new applications in windows 12. But the fact is if they give new operating system every year, then none of their versions will be stable. So they have decided to work on windows 10 and make it more stable.

At Microsoft’s Ignite conference Microsoft’s developer employee, Jerry Nixon announced that Windows 10 is to be the final release of Windows version. Microsoft has decided to provide support for Windows as a service, with release updates and improvements to the operating system over time.

Windows 10 from windows 8 tells us that windows 12 from windows 10. It may be or may not be. So don’t expect Microsoft windows 12 release date very soon.Windows 12 release date

Microsoft is going to give support for windows 10 for its entire lifetime. There will be periodic updates as and when they become available. Microsoft is slowly moving to service providing area. That’s why instead of big releases they release updates and improvements in it.All updates related to software and improvements come in Windows 10 now.

Microsoft has started investing in Linux, Open source community. They are trying to integrate it with their base Windows platform. If this would happen in future, This would be highly supported by developers and others would also get inspired by them.Microsoft would dominate the world for next 10-15 years easily.Microsoft windows 12 release date is a dream as of now.

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