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Windows 12 release date – Veracity of this buzz explained.


Windows 12 release date: Things you need to know!

The universal truth is Microsoft’s last windows update is windows 10 as of now. We also know that Microsoft is keenly working on windows 10 to make it a supreme operating system in the world.

Microsoft released its game-changing operating system on July 29th, 2015. Its been four long earth years. Now people are really crazy cause Microsoft is reticent about its next operating system.

From many authentic sources, it’s been told that Microsoft is changing the course of releasing it’s operating systems. Instead of changing UI, tweaking and renaming it as a new operating system, they want to focus more on the current release. They want Windows 10 to be more stable and secure.

Microsoft will give long-term support for Windows 10. And the Company is going to append all the new features to Windows 10 itself.

The company didn’t make any news about Windows 12 release date on social media, announcements or even in conferences. This makes us infer that Windows 12 existence is not a moment too soon. However, there is something you need to know!.

Microsoft recently announced that it will cease all the support for windows 7, a decade-old operating system. This convinces that it will put more focus on newer child i.e Windows 10. From Jan 22, 2020, no more support. Time to upgrade 10 Windows 10.

Windows Lite – A light Version

Recent sources mentioned that Microsoft is planning to release a light version of Windows OS. This is going to be Windows Lite which is a stripped version of windows 10. This Lite operating system is more focussed to lite devices like Chromebook, HoloLens 2, etc.

Windows Lite is prioritized for dual-screen devices. Microsoft has been heavily working on core OS and modularising it. Part of this will be powering windows Lite version as well.

Microsoft has given the code name as “Santorini” for the new Windows Lite project. This is going to target for dual-screen devices then followed by Chromebooks and other lite devices. You can refer here for more information about it. listen to this podcast if you have time.

Microsoft is working on a cloud OS restore feature. This feature allows the user to recover from the cloud. Similar feature Apple has it. This feature has been used in its Surface lineup. This allows the devices to download the copy of windows 10 from the cloud.

Those who are searching for windows 12 release date should pause here. I am going to keep an eye on this news. I will update this article if any news arrives.

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