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Mozilla firefox search engine home page – set your favorite one


Setting Mozilla firefox search engine home page to google or any other top search engines is very easy. You can set any search engine or custom website page as homepage in Mozilla Firefox. Recently Mozilla ranked as the best search engine. Mozilla Firefox recent update has increased its speed by 30{8217560b7266256113737966a75a76a32342f0c8964d9dae37c713e9be23effa} faster than google chrome and more optimized than google chrome. Firefox and google chrome are two major web browsers currently on the internet. Setting a homepage for a browser very important as it makes your task easier while you open the browser. Here I am going to explain you the easy method to change or set your favorite search engine in Mozilla Firefox.Mozilla firefox search engine home page

Steps :

When you first open Firefox you’re greeted with the default home page. Now click the home button or just create a new window. mozilla firefox start page URL will be your favorite one always. Firefox search bar can also be set.

This page has a handy default search engine for web search and some quick links to downloads, bookmarks, history, Sync, add-ons, and settings. Also, last opened tabs can be restored from homepage restore them from the homepage with a single click. firefox search engine download

Mozilla Firefox start page Google can also be set in this way. If you don’t see this page when you start Firefox, click the home button or open a new window, you can restore the default setting like this:

  1. Click on the menu button andFx57Menu choose OPTIONS.
  2. Select the GENERAL panel from the list.Mozilla firefox search engine home page
  3. In the STARTUP section, click RESTORE TO DEFAULT. You can also type the website name or search engine name in the HOMEPAGE  field and save.
  4. Close about: preferences page. Changes you’ve made will automatically be saved when you close.
  5. Restart the Firefox so that it will be reconfigured correctly and you can check whether your saved homepage working or not.

This is the most simple way to Set Mozilla firefox search engine home page. This works everywhere and in all versions of Mozilla Firefox.  In my opinion, For firefox homepage google is the best.

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