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Root apps for android – Top 5 Must have apps for smartphone.!!!


Root apps for android must have apps

Hi, Here I am going to share with you top 10 must have Root apps for android for all android rooted phones. You already know rooting a phone is equal to taking control of your smartphone’s Heartbeat. You can exploit your mobiles complete features, both hardware and software features. Yes, it’s true! to get most out of your android phones there is the list of apps you need to install. Before doing anything please take backup of your entire Android phone data. Rooting a phone is not easy as installing the app, If you don’t know how to root please Follow this LINK. king root app for android also can do a good job.

Root apps for Android – Top 5 apps best root app

1 . Greenify: (free/paid)     =>        DOWNLOAD   

                                       Root apps for Android

All smartphones in this world have one common problem, that is battery life issue. The main reason for this loss is due to background unnecessary running applications. Normal android phones do not have the feature to kill these apps. So rooting solves this problem. If your phone is rooted this is your top priority app.

2.  SuperSU : (Free/Paid)    =>     DOWNLOAD

                                          Root apps for Android

There are some apps which may misuse the permission that has given to them. they will steal the data from you and send to their owners.This SuperSU will monitor all the app behavior and control the permissions of all apps so that they won’t go out of their boundary. This is a must have app for all.

3.  DiskDigger: (Free/paid)   =>     DOWNLOAD   

                                           Root apps for Android

One more common problem of all android users is data get corrupted. Non rooted phones have no right to recover back :(. Unless they must use some complicated procedures. Rooted android phones have this great advantage with the help of this app. DiskDigger will dig all the corrupted data and get you the gold. I mean your valuable data. It is your 3rd Must have root apps.

4.  AdAway: (Free/Paid)      =>      DOWNLOAD

                                            Root apps for Android

One of the most irritating thing about apps is Advertisements that pop up. But those advertisements help the developer of that app to get income. My perspective is please Support their work. If you really get annoyed by adds you can download the AdAway app to get rid of it. This app will block all the advertisements from all the apps.

5.  Link2SD : (Free/Paid)    =>      DOWNLOAD  

                                             Root apps for Android

All the root apps for android can be installed only if you have enough space in the internal storage. So storage space really matters. You can expand the storage externally by adding SD card. But you cant internally :). But root exploitation has given one more possibility. You can install apps in SD card using an app called Link2SD which works only with ROOT. Then you can move apps from internal storage to sd card.

You can install all these apps. All these apps are safe to install and they work as explained. best root apps

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