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Social media sites like facebook – List of top five which you didn’t know


The Internet is itself a social network where people meet and communicate together. There are many websites and apps which helps to get people together. Facebook became top in its class for this decade. There are many apps which are now coming day by day. There are many social networking apps which focus on different core features. Twitter mainly focuses on thoughts and tweets. Instagram focuses on photo posting. Like this many social networks show of different beautiful features to attract people. Here I am going to share with you top five social media sites like Facebook. This can also be social sites for adults.

Social media sites like Facebook – Top 5

1. Path :

Path is a social network which is used for photo and message sharing app. It limits users to a maximum of 150 connections. These restrictions of 150  are designed to provide a more private and personal experience. It encourages users to connect only with the people they know best. the number 150 is based on “Dunbar’s number,” which purportedly denotes the limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain genuine social relationships. These are sites like Facebook but better than those sometimes.

2. FoursquareSocial media sites like facebook

Foursquare is a pure location-based social network. It lets you check into various venues using your phone or tablet device. You can use Foursquare to connect to other Foursquare members to share information about where you are and what you are doing. This app also helps you to find best restaurants, bars, shops and other locations. You can receive personalized recommendations from other members on the Foursquare app. These are all free social networking sites.

3.  Roamz

Roamz performs things different from original social networks. It gets data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. Roamz alerts you about the significant and interesting things which happen around you. This information gathers you the best information about best things around you.

4.  NextdoorSocial media sites like facebook

Nextdoor’s mission is to rekindle this community spirit in neighborhoods across the U.S., by connecting users and their neighbors through a localized social network. People argue that the impersonality of the Internet has compromised in America’s neighborhoods. These are from top 10 social media sites.

Members can join with their home address. They are automatically placed into a home neighborhood. This ensures that all of the content, connections, and messages you see will come from other users living in your area. These are best social networking sites for adults. This is one of different social media sites like Facebook.

5.  PinterestSocial media sites like facebook

Pinterest is one of the most popular image sharing social networks on the web today. The user experience of Pinterest attracts many people to use it. It has a concept called Pins and Boards though which we pin the images on a board. This is the best social network if you are planning to use an image sharing a social network.

These social networking sites are very different from Facebook. These can also be the best alternatives to Facebook 2017. You can use these social networks if you are bored with conventional social networks.

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