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Update iphone 4 to ios 9 with computer – Real fact is here


After the release of IOS 9, everyone wants to update to IOS 9. Many people even don’t know the release of new IOS 9. I am going to explain about iPhone 4 update to ios 8 downloads and installs. Here I am going to tell you the real fact. You cant install IOS 9 on iPhone 4. Don’t you feel your iPhone is too old to get iOS 9? Yes, it is, Your phone specifications cant handle the latest iOS update. According to the official sources which I did a small research on them to know whether you can install iOS 9 on iPhone 4. But sadly they told you cant update. The latest version of iOS which you can install on your phone is 7.1.2. After the 7.1.2 version, all the latest versions are not suitable for your phones due to performance limitations on your phone. You cant update iPhone 4 to ios 9 with computer.

You cant update your iPhone4 to iOS 9 as of now

Many people ask me how to update iPhone 4 to ios 9 with iTunes and ios 9 iPhone 4 download. This is update iPhone 4 to ios 9 with computerthe situation at present. Some rumors tell that they are making some tweaks on iOS 8 to make it compatible with iPhone 4 but its just a rumor. We have to wait for official confirmation. Installing ios 9 on iPhone 4s is a dream as of now. We can even update iPhone 4 to ios 9 without a computer if official update available.

The safest way to update iPhone 4 to ios 8 on a computer is to just download from the official apple store and follow the procedures correctly. Best thing is to buy iPhone 6 or 7 if you are on a budget or buy latest iPhone 8 or iPhone x if you are on a high budget. Because these phones are designed to get update fast as soon as releases officially. You can’t even update iPhone 4 to ios 9 with a computer if official updates are not available from Apple.

I think I have answered the question” can iPhone 4 run ios 9?”. Please don’t get disappointed just buy a new phone and move with the latest technology. The main reason why old phones don’t get the latest update is just that of the performance and hardware limitations. So buy a new phone.Update iPhone 4 to ios 9 with computer is just not possible now.

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