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Win 10 download which is a short form of windows 10(LOL!!). Windows released its latest up-gradations of its windows operating system called windows 10 during July 2015. Windows 10 Has several advantageous compared to its predecessor’s. Microsoft has optimized heavily on the user interface(UI), Performance, Security and other optimizations. Windows is giving free updates for all its previous licensed operating systems from windows 7 and 8 as the gift…Thanks Microsoft for that. To install Windows 10 on a computer its hardware must need certain requirements for the windows 10 to work efficiently.win 10 upgrade.

The windows 10 you are downloading is in ISO format which is written on USB as a bootable image. win 10 64 bit download, win 10 Pro and win 10 upgrade.


  1. The first and basic step is to download win 10 from official Microsoft website and save to your disk. You can download from any operating system even from your smartphone mean phone Lol. before starting to download you need to check your device space and make sure at least you have 4GB space on your disk. Then go to this link and stay here if you need further assistance in downloading.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    DOWNLOAD                                                                
  2. You will land in Microsoft ISO file download page. select the WINDOWS 10 SINGLE LANGUAGE as your download option. Select the other version if you know about it. Then it will prompt the languages. Select the language you need to install and press YES.Before doing these tasks please check with your PC manufacturers for windows 10 support related queries. you can install Bootable Image either in Pendrive or CD or DVD and upgrade your present Operating system. win 10 update.                 
  3. Once you selected both the option you will be redirected to the download page. There you will see two options 1. 23bit and 2. 64bit. Check which architecture your computer supports by going to MY PC>PROPERTIES. and download the version you need to download. win 10 download windows 10 iso install from USB.                                                                                                                                             
  4. You are done with downloading now. Next step is making Bootable USB to install windows 10 on your desired system. If you want to know How to make bootable USB of windows 10 so that you can install in any system you want then go to this link                                 MAKE WINDOWS 10 BOOTABLE DISK        

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