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Windows 10 for android – A safer way to get it


The reality!

Windows 10 for Android is actually possible!!!. Yeah, One simple must requirement is your Android phone should be fast enough. All the flagship and mid-range phones can mostly handle this.

Okay, there is a catch!. You might be thinking that Windows 10 is for laptops and desktops, How the hell I am going to teach you to install that gigantic operating system on your phones.

I see there are a lot of articles and videos on how to install windows 10 on Android. Simple, Some will be using themes, and others have installed through some emulators for android. Trust me that’s the worst idea. Because your phone just can’t handle that.

Now you know the reality. if you really need a full-fledged working Windows 10 Operating system on a small device, get an affordable or a premium windows tablet based on your budget.

There are some “windows 10 android emulators” available in the market which do the same. The only disadvantage with this idea is your phone might get overheat and stop working. Because you are trying to run two operating systems together. One is Android which you are already running and the other is emulated Windows which you are trying to run on it.

Get a Windows 10 Android Custom skin.

I don’t want to disappoint you either. As I told you in the beginning, I will tell you the easiest approach and trust me! you just need a good Android phone for this. 

People like to install Windows 10 on android for many reasons. One of them is, they like the user interface of Windows 10.

So, If you like the simple UI of Windows 10 and you want the same for your Android as well, please follow.

You can use the same steps to get windows 10 for android tablets, the download will also be the same way.

How to get it?

Microsoft Launcher is a cool way to achieve this. The major perk of using this launcher is you can access Microsoft apps and services just from your phone. You also get options to customize the UI elements like wallpapers and other settings.

This Microsoft Launcher is not some third party theme app. It is officially from Microsoft.

This launcher is packed with many features. It uses the same Microsoft account to sync all the data between your phone and desktop and it has its own cool theme.

All the Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word, etc are accessible from your phone. This Android Windows 10 APK is actually free.

It also comes with a variety of themes, icon packs, , wallpapers, widgets and more. It’s a great way to customize, personalize and revitalize your phone.

Follow the steps :

The basic requirement is to have an android phone or an iPhone, a Windows laptop and a little patience.

1. Create a Microsoft Account if you don’t have one. This needs Microsoft Account to sync everything. that’s simple. just follow the steps below to create one or skip to step 6.

2. Go to settings > Accounts. You gonna land to the below page. Click on the Email & accounts option on the sidebar.

Windows 10 for android

3. Click on Add an Account. Then the login page will open. Click on No account at the bottom right.

4. Add any account of your preference. Like, Google, Outlook anything.

Windows 10 for android

4. Create your new account. Make sure you enable use this account everywhere.

5. If you have an account. just login. The next steps are related to connecting your smartphone.

6. Go to Settings on your Windows 10 Laptop/Desktop and click on Phone.

2. Click on Add Phone option, If you are using it for the first time.

Windows 10 for android

3. Now you gonna see the below screen. Enter your phone number and click the send button. Now you gonna get a text message to your smartphone.

windows link PC

4. You will receive a link in the text message. This link will redirect you to the app center. Download the app.

5. Open the App. Enter your Microsoft account credentials and hit log in.

Android message for windows 10
Windows 10 for android signin

6. You will get a message “You are All set” . and Click on let’s go.

7. Here you go, Your Windows themed launcher is ready. You can sync contacts and use Microsoft apps on your android phone now.

Windows 10 for android

There are lot of features to explore, Am gonna leave it to you guys to explore. For a complete video tutorial on this please refer to this video. Meantime if you wanna know the latest news about android beta check out this article – Android 11 beta program.

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